Trust Hungary, a gateway to Eastern Europe,

Trust Hungary joined with Demptos in 2000. Due to its closeness to the vast forests of Hungarian oak, Trust Hungary is an ideal location for producing, controlling, and seasoning stavewood. Though Hungarian oak is not as well-known as its French or American counterparts, Trust is ideally positioned to ensure that its qualities and potential are properly recognized.

7900 Szigetvar, Dencshazai u. 12.

Phone : (+ 36)- 73/ 510 - 200    Fax : (+ 36)- 73/ 312 - 109


Demptos Cooperage belongs to François Frères Group and produces oak casks, barrels and enological products for wine ageing in Bordeaux, Napa Valley and La Rioja. (Cooperage making oak casks or barrels for winemakers, coopers and vineyards).