Reception and preparation

We design our barrels as fully-fledged oenological tools. Particular attention is paid to each stage of their development and design up to the final stages of their preparation before being sent off to cellars all over the world.

When you receive your barrels, there are just a few things to do to prepare them and allow them to give of their best. Once you’ve checked that the transport hasn’t affected their condition and impermeability, simply rinse them in fresh water prior to casking. If you’re going to store your barrels before using them, it’s preferable to keep them in their original packaging, which provides a hermetic seal. To avoid deterioration, store them in premises where the humidity level is between 65 and 85%, and away from light and draughts.


If you store your barrels for more than 3 months, they may dry out despite their packaging and your storage precautions. In this case, to prepare them for use, fill them with water for one or two days, making sure that the sides are well moistened along their whole length.

The only thing we recommend for our barrels is that you rinse them in fresh water before using them. Except in special cases, we don’t recommend washing them in hot or sulphited water because aroma compounds will be lost in the water used for rinsing. If you rinse your barrels too often, you run the risk of reducing their aromatic qualities. Similarly, burning a sulphur wick before filling a new barrel with wine helps to mask the highly volatile aromas produced by the toast. It’s a pointless operation, particularly for barrels to be used for alcoholic or malolactic fermentation.