Vocations and ambitions

From wood selection to the final stages of production, Demptos aims for excellence and constant renewal. Always on the lookout for new forms of progress, everything is done to make products to meet customer expectations, in accordance with barrel-making expertise.

Demptos combines the craft skills of the traditional cooper with the latest technological advances to turn the barrel into a modern oenological tool.

The company uses the analyses and techniques developed by its Research Centre, which works in close collaboration with the University of Bordeaux and various partners, research centres and university laboratories.

Tanins et dérivés lévuriens

Apart from developing casks and barrels adapted to winemakers’ current requirements, the Centre’s research work enables Demptos to develop other aids to winemaking, such as maturing products. There are various ranges, adapted to the characteristics of each grape variety. Through constantly renewed dialogue with its customers, Demptos has also developed other forms of expertise, such as wine, grape and oenological product analysis.


Innovation, development and growth

have taken place without changing Demptos’ fundamental values. The satisfaction of the Cooperage’s customers is still essential and is achieved through the quality of its products and services, which are the sole guarantee of renewed trust. To maintain its high standards of quality, Demptos has compiled a document collection giving full details of all its techniques and forms of expertise.The collection is regularly updated and acts as the basis for an inspection and traceability system and a system for harmonising production standards in the mother company and on its different production sites.