Essencia® Barrel

Revealing character


An aroma enhancer made from wood selected for its norisoprenoid content, Essencia® barrel is the result of years of research and the scientific expertise of Demptos’ employees.


Analysis and selection to bring out the aromas

Designed to encourage the expression of fruity or floral aromas in the wines, Essencia® barrel is exclusive to Demptos. It took over eight years of research by the Cooperage’s scientific teams, combined with the traditional know-how of its craftsmen, to devise this 100% analytical product.

Barrique Essencia

Only oak wood that is carefully selected for its special  ability to intensify the primary aromas of fruity or floral type grape varieties is used in its design. 


Emphasising the signature of a wine

Chosen for its aroma-enhancing capacity caused by its norisoprenoid content, the wood in Essencia® barrel has oxidative tendencies. Due to the significant presence of carotenoid molecule deterioration products, it encourages the expression of floral and fruity aromatic notes. Through synergic action between the norisoprenoids in the wood and the wine, Essencia® accentuates the pre-existing character of a terroir and increases the perception of fruit.

Know-how and patience

The result of a new selection method in barrel-making based on norisoprenoid content, Essencia® barrel offers a wide range of uses. Its design is based on the synergic way in which aroma families operate. Essencia® barrel accentuates the personality of a given grape variety by bringing norisoprenoids into contact with the variety’s characteristic aroma family.


Demptos tonnellerie

What is the most appropriate toast for the Essencia® barrel?

It’s possible to do a light toast or a heavy toast. However, light or heavy, the toasting operation will reduce the Essencia® barrel’s intrinsic characteristics. For example, a light toast will not destroy the carotenoids in sufficient number, while a heavy toast will eliminate all the norisoprenoids.

Why is the Essencia® barrel only available in a limited quantity?

Essencia® barrel production is limited by the scarcity of the raw material, as the carotenoids that are part of its composition are rarely found in the forests.

How do you explain that the wood in an Essencia® barrel has no colour?

The drying and toasting processes help to turn the carotenoids found in the fresh wood into norisoprenoids, which are colourless.