Réserve Barrel

Maturing excellence

A barrel for great wines, the Réserve range is the fruit of French tradition, the know-how of Demptos’ craftsmen and the selection of the best oak.

A hymn to rarity

They are made only with staves of a uniform appearance, chosen for the extreme fineness of their grain. The Réserve barrel is by definition a selected product. Harmony of colour, fine polishing after sanding… particular attention is paid at every stage in its production, from selecting the wood to the final touches, to ensure that this product is unique.

The Réserve barrel is defined by its selection.

A pure expression of the great cooperage tradition

The Demptos Réserve is for wines with a rich, balanced structure. Designed with great care, it’s intended for long maturing periods of 14 months or more. The fine grain of the wood leaves plenty of room for oxidative changes. It’s also characterised by a limited oak tannin influence and a more marked aromatic character due to its whisky-lactone content.




The Réserve barrel is defined by its selection. This technological selection is based on the extreme fineness of their grain and takes place after the staves have been fitted.

Is the Réserve barrel more oxidative than the other Demptos barrels?

Fine-grain wood is more porous and allows for high levels of gaseous exchanges. It’s therefore particularly favourable to oxidative maturing. The Réserve barrel is made of wood selected for the fineness of its grain to offer the most complete oxidative changes.

What is it that gives the Réserve barrel its aromatic quality?

Demptos selects oaks that have grown slowly and evenly and have the finest grain for their aromatic potential and high ellagitannin content. They have a greater aromatic character due to their whisky-lactone content.

Is it possible to choose the geographical origin of the wood used to make the Réserve barrel?

The wood used to make the Réserve barrel is selected for its grain, which should be as fine as possible, and not according to its origin.